Our Solingen headquarters is climate neutral, which means: we have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and have offset the unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects.

In addition to avoiding and reducing greenhouse gases, offsetting is an important step in holistic climate protection. Investing in climate protection projects also promotes sustainable development in the countries of the global South, so that progress does not have to be based solely on fossil energies.




Over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. Especially in developing countries, the infrastructure for proper disposal is often lacking. Stopping the plastic flood and improving the lives of the collecting communities at the same time - this is the approach taken by the Plastic Bank. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local inhabitants collect plastic waste. At collection points, they can exchange it for money, food, drinking water or even school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea. Instead, it is recycled and turned into so-called social plastic, which serves as raw material for new products, such as packaging.


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In addition, we actively support our employees in reducing CO2 emissions. Whether it's the JobRad, the possibility of a home office or education on "proper heating". Every measure counts!