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The new KEY TOOL in large format. Each function is larger and particularly "handy" – perfectly suited for the barbecue party or the kitchen in your own four walls. The friendly appearance of the extra-large KEY TOOL is a joy to use and is guaranteed to catch the eye of guests, friends and acquaintances. 

It's so easy for brands to make new friends!



1. flat-tip screwdriver (2) 2. grill scraper(2) 3. key ring eyelet (3) 4. can opener 5. cap lifter 6. nail drawer 7. multi-tooth key (2) 8. cable stripper

9. hexagonal socket (6) 10. spoke key (2) 11. inch ruler

12. centimeter ruler (reverse side) 13. letter-, box-opener

14. phillips screwdriver 15. bit holder 16. carabiner

  • Item number: 50-868525-8026

  • Customs tariff number: 82060000

  • Technical development: Richartz Solingen, Deutschland

  • Design: Marcel Klamer, Klamer Productdesign

  • Production / country of origin: Richartz / VR China

  • Material: stainless steel

  • Size (closed product): 115,3 x 61,6 x 2,2 mm mm

  • Size (closed product incl. packaging): 148 x 148 x 5 mm mm

  • Weight of product: 50 g

  • Weight (product and packaging): 69 g

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Likeable, compact und functional. Multi-functionality on smallest space: 25 useful functions. Attractive packaging. Brand quality at an attractive price.

  • Advertising: Laser engraving from MOQ 100 pieces. Individual packaging MOQ 250 pieces.

  • Size (advertising):

  • Engraving: 20 mm x 30 mm

  • Laser engraving on stainless steel

    Laser engraving on stainless steel

    Laser engraving on stainless steel in matching colours or in a dark style.
    Nobel, contour sharp and long-lasting.

  • Laser engraving on anodized aluminium inlays

    Laser engraving on anodized aluminium inlays

    Laser engravings on anodized aluminium inlays are extremely contrasty.
    Nobel, contrasty and long-lasting.

  • Special printing on anodized aluminium inlays

    Special printing on anodized aluminium inlays

    Richartz special printing on metal surfaces in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours.
    Long-lasting and individual!

  • Doming


    All possibilities of digital printing up to photo scenes. High brilliance combined with a modern, transparent surface coating. Rich of details and long-lasting!

  • Embossing on metal surfaces

    Embossing on metal surfaces

    The embossing on metal surfaces is a long-lasting and very individual advertising possibility. Modern and significant!

  • Colour of handles

    Colour of handles

    Colour of handles are adjustable  in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours.
    Attractive and individual!

  • Coloured aluminium inlays

    Coloured aluminium inlays

    8 colours (blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, dark green, light green, silver) are available for this attractive and solid advertising possibility. Special colours on demand. Distinctive and solid!