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So small, but extremely functional. This pocket tool with matt finished

modern stainless steel handles fits any pocket. The small extremely

useful pair of cast pliers with wire cutter, two blades, one with serrated edge, two flat-tip screwdrivers, flat-tip screwdriver/cap lifter combination,

Phillips screwdriver, can opener, file and the belt pouch convince in daily use. The two hexagonal sockets integrated into the handle complete

the tool´s high functionality.



1. cast pliers 2. wire cutter 3. file 4. screwdriver 5. can opener 6. small blade 7. serrated blade 8. screwdriver / cap lifter 9. phillips screwdriver

10. hexagonal socket (2) 11. screwdriver 12. pouch

  • Item number: 50-876500-8026

  • Customs tariff number: 82032000

  • Technical development: Richartz Solingen, Germany

  • Design: Marcel Klamer, Klamer Productdesign

  • Production / country of origin: Richartz / VR China

  • Material: stainless steel, plastic

  • Size (closed product): 68 x 34 x 17 mm

  • Size (closed product incl. packaging): 89 x 52 x 30 mm

  • Weight of product: 103 g

  • Weight (product and packaging): 122 g

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  • Advertising: Laser engraving MOQ 1 piece. Colored grip zone MOQ 3.000 pieces. Individual packaging MOQ 100 pieces.

  • Size (advertising):

  • Engraving: front and back: 15 mm x 7 mm

  • Laser engraving on stainless steel

    Laser engraving on stainless steel

    Laser engraving on stainless steel in matching colours or in a dark style.
    Nobel, contour sharp and long-lasting.

  • Laser engraving on anodized aluminium inlays

    Laser engraving on anodized aluminium inlays

    Laser engravings on anodized aluminium inlays are extremely contrasty.
    Nobel, contrasty and long-lasting.

  • Special printing on stainless steel

    Special printing on stainless steel

    Richartz special printing on metal sufaces in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours.
    Solid and individual!

  • Special printing on anodized aluminium inlays

    Special printing on anodized aluminium inlays

    Richartz special printing on metal surfaces in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours.
    Long-lasting and individual!

  • Screen-/Pad printing on plastic

    Screen-/Pad printing on plastic

    Screen- or pad printing on plastic surfaces in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours. Precise, solid and individual!

  • Doming


    All possibilities of digital printing up to photo scenes. High brilliance combined with a modern, transparent surface coating. Rich of details and long-lasting!

  • Embossing on metal surfaces

    Embossing on metal surfaces

    The embossing on metal surfaces is a long-lasting and very individual advertising possibility. Modern and significant!

  • Colour of rubber dots

    Colour of rubber dots

    All products of STRUKTURA family can be individualized by the colour adjustment of the rubber dots. Long-lasting and suitable to corporate design.

  • Colour of handles

    Colour of handles

    Colour of handles are adjustable  in all RAL-/HKS-/Pantone-colours.
    Attractive and individual!

  • Coloured aluminium inlays

    Coloured aluminium inlays

    8 colours (blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, dark green, light green, silver) are available for this attractive and solid advertising possibility. Special colours on demand. Distinctive and solid!

  • Contrast stiching

    Contrast stiching

    High-quality, custom-fit stiching in many individual thread colours. Nobel and long-lasting!

  • Colour of leather

    Colour of leather

    Richartz manicure sets are available in many leather colours. Distinctive and individual.

  • Leather embossing

    Leather embossing

    Leather embossing is a high-quality and timeless advertising possibility.
    Unique and timeless.